Monday, February 28, 2011

A visit To Mosque

Huh !!!What a fantastic Day.I had to go to ajmer alone for some purpose.I went their alone .I reached their at 1 And within half an hour I reached my destination point which is in same street of DARGAH of KHWAJA .I go to shop where i had to go and then went out towards Dargah.I I bent my head in front of Dargah,outside it and started moving towards the bus station.but my mann was saying to go to Dargah once in a while.I kept going  towards bus station.Suddenly i go inside a shop and asked for a cold drink.Fortunately that shop keeper was also Jain.So didn't hesitate to ask him how to go to Dargah.i mean where to put shoes and what to take inside  etc.and then my legs move towards the Great Dargah.i reached their in 15 minutes.Then i opened my shoes in near by shop and purchased flowers(only thing to take inside for Dargah).Then i went inside the Dargah.AN awsm feel in my heart and mann.It seems like whole world is outside and and i am here in the world of peace under the shed of  GOD.I went on  their by asking  few people as where to go for.They help me.Finally i reached at the gate of KHWAJA Sharif.I was late.It was time not to allow any person inside main Dargah for next 1 hour.But fortunately we were allowed to go inside.I went inside.And I can't express the peace of mind and heart at that time.I was feeling so goood and calm that words are seeming less to describe my situation.I put my head down their and pray for the best of three relations which gives life to me and also for the whole world.Then i came out and with other people .then after i found  lots of things ,shops  all round.Few tombs and a well was their.I went near the well .I couldn't understand what was that actually.Soon I came outside the Dargah praying for the welfare of humanity and all living creatures over earth and everywhere.

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