Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook Updates Today

Hello friends !!! Welcome here .
Let have a look over changes in facebook from today onwards.Facebook customize its social networking site to make it more popular in various countries.
For this you need to have a facebook account .If you dont have sign up from here.
Or sign in from here !!!
Have a look !!! Great changes are there waiting for you to enjoy the rides of happiness all above the heights of pain in life.Here you will find -

1)Customize side bar ,with suggesting stories you may like to read ,

2)Chat column(Ticker) for real time chart coversions

3)No option to add videos,

4)On the menu bar ,only menu to navigate to home .

5)Navigation to privacy poliocy page,settings via button (traingle).

6)News feed from recent updates from you close friends,to let people knows what is new today

These changes are marked with blue color .What an amazing networking site that lets you connect with world while you are travelling or doing some important work in office ! It has caused a revolution in Networking World. Now-a-days more and more mobiles ,compters ,tablets etc are being purchased and almost all are runnung facebook applications over them .Thats the popularity it has gain since 2004,February .Also ,it is geting money for applications throughout the world .Its biggest competetor is Apple,Microsoft and well known Google+. Now Lets hope that Google + to unveils something new as well as competing application to facebook and others soon.
You can join the author at Vinil Mehta .

Keep posting many new changes over here to make all of us aware of the new features of FACEBOOK

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