Thursday, December 22, 2011


  Google always let its users happy on special occasion too by its surprises and this time it has a new  gifts for your monitor. this year Google brings something that will let you think again and again how this happens???But don't worry dear,just enjoy this 

 Its X-Mas after 2 days and Google ,as usual given us something new to enjoy over internet.See this time Google has gives us a beautiful web  surprise. All you need to do is paste the following text in google and wait for 60 seconds- "let it snow" .

     What you will find is snow falling on your screen and within next few seconds your monitor freezes with snow all around there.After that you can defreeze your screen as well if needed

    Aah.What a  wonderful surprise Google has provided us this year.It let snow falls on your monitor that makes you smile .Remember it works on browsers that support canvas,the latest element in HTML 5 by developers.

See the above screen that fills with snow covering the screen very beautifully.looks like snow falling over here

Happy google'ing !!! 


  1. hi...
    ya it was really awesome. I tried. And one more thing, that on 25th dec, google had theme of christmas with a lovely rhythm of jingle bell jingle bell...

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  2. google is google , it can do anything..which a normal person can't is not just a search engine but a very useful and helpful thing for us..
    even i can't imagine my internet life without google.

  3. i like google and use it mostly instead of yahoo and other search engine.Google has many shades...

  4. awesome post..keep posting such interesting post about google more...