Thursday, March 1, 2012

Windows 8 Facts

Arrival of  Windows 8 
Few days ago Windows 8 was launched ,its consumer preview is now available to download all around the world.People are enjoying it indeed while some are accusing it for lacking some features  etc.Well,Seeing the positive side,its a major improvement in windows revolution.A new Campaign has started ,Microsoft has shown their bold attitude to those who says Microsoft technology is no more beneficial .Its an answer to those ones

Working in Windows 7 often gave a new experience rather windows xp works the most of the work we can do in windows 7 .Now another  its updated version,Windows 8 we all were waiting since long is in the market now .

As was said it would arrive in late feb this year so it comes on 29th Feb2012 .Although its most of the new features were exposed months ago,in September 13,2011.As said it will support ARM microprocessor in addition to x86 microprocessor.Well it comprises of following new features 

  • No Start button,instead a sliding panel based menu
  • Can be installed along with other Windows product or in Virtual machine
  • New UI tile based start menu,similar to windows phone OS
  • Support Microsoft Metro Design Language
  • Sign in using Hotmail id , integrated with Skype
  • New logo
  • RAM at least 1 GB recommended
  • Support Metro Style applications
  • Region Specific apps,while outside they show"this app is not available in your market" error
  • Multi touch screen is recommended
  • Secure boot restrict un authorized person form using the system
  • USB 3.0 support
  • New lock screen
  • 2 method of authentication-picture password and  PIN log in
  • Windows to go will let the window run from  USB 
  • Hybrid boot avail fast shut down 

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