Friday, January 13, 2012

Employment or Self EMPLOYMENT ?

Its a big question to ask you all whether you really want to become an employee or not .Most of you think it can be good to become an employee for first few years and will start something after that.I am too amongst you people.But I felt since past few months that we can also become self employed if we have dedication.

See the reality is simple and smart .Company gives you employment for their benefit .While working in any company we learn lots of things we may require in near future.Its by this way we all begin our carrier.

I remember when i was in 6th semester i was thinking about good job and all like i am studying in any IIT but the reality was different So the things happened.Instead if i thought about self employment and if began any work that time ,today company might arrives to me for their work.But this doesnt happened as i indeed never thought in this direction.Now i am thinking like this .Why do we students always depends upon good company and better placement while we know the reality and our potential. When we know that in company if my work will never be considered to the level of standards,I may be in trouble.In that case what can i do other than frustrated and leave the older employer and join some other.But is this our need in the past ?

Do you really think you are smarter than managers in any big company ?If so ,give a challenge to them .Make them think twice about your real skills and potential you have.Do something different from SAMPLE that are currently in public.Do make yourself self employed to be assure for rest of future.Do make your home,garage,room etc what ever you have your workplace and start innovation different from others by making new path,new challenges,new goals ,new achievements.Thats the real worth of your study.Do make your own world surround you .Let others know you by your work and not by your company's name.

Be smart,be hard worker .Be open to accept new challenges and ready to achieve new targets every-time.Change your habbits,Life is not just sit on chairs for 9 hours in any company to work for them and get paid.Life is too much beyond that.Try to see beyond your limits and extend your limits as well to get something new .

Life gives us new challenges every moment.But we are in our offices ,so how can we face them .While facing such challenges brings you up to the top where you actually thought off.

Be active to achieve targets in life.

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