Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life style -A positive view to life

Life style is indeed like a mirror to ones life .Its what we do on regular basis makes our life style so.For example if we do watch t.v on a regular basis then it becomes an addiction and changes our habits thus effecting our life style .One should be aware of his daily life in order to save his rest of the life .
In INDIA,we have bit lazy life style as people are mostly engaged in doing offices works and rubbish talks and facebook etc.So that is effecting our living standards too.See when we dont need internet in mobile ,than we do have and utilize our timings in chatting and gossiping over internet while that time can be utilized in developing our personality,our skills ,or in helping others.

People becomes less crazy about nature ,natural habitats and all that the nature has given us .They are busy in their high  tech mobile -gadgets with gossips or gamimg mostly .In this ,they have forgotten their duties and rights .They are not aware of who is their neighbour as time is so less for our selves and surrounding .Most of the time goes spent on corporate meetings and offices ,Then taking rest on sunday or on holiday causes laziness a bit .

Well people should change their life style indeed to get a healthy future.Gadgets are not going to make them happy all the life .We must give time to parents friends,relatives and nature .We must do some campaign in society regularly to have a general meeting among people ,makes happy and fun for all .Forget gadgets for some time ,make it far from you or it will swallow your life in minutes


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