Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Insipiration

                         Inspiration !! a word that gives peace to mind and soul.
           A source that keeps us stay when we go down..A person can be an inspiration... a non living thing can also be the same...What we need in life when we get depressed?That is inspiration..motivation from the one who can understand us ...positive words form some one that makes us to start working on..that makes us believe us again ..our worth ...and that is much important indeed.
           When we are alone ,wants to go some where no one disturb us and than we desire to listen some thing motivational words...some inspirational stories that makes us stand again to face challenges are the magic words really that can never let us go alone in life .These are the words that can let us do face the biggest trouble in life also .
In life ,we are never set alone in any path ...Aas passs hai khuda....hamesha...just a bit hindi ,my mother tongue.
Well, we people are very interesting creatures of God.We dong need any electric battery to keep us charged while a cup f tea makes us energetic a full day .We dont need a steering to make our life goes on while w need direction indeed to let our life goes on.We are connected to whole world via internet with no wire connected to us .We dont need thing to breathe while we breathe automatically with no machine .What a wonderful creation we are..
We born,go to school,college,then office and then becomes old after some times but where we took some time for ourselves..i will continue something on this topic in my next post which will be related to ourselves.till then good night friends.

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