Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review- 5 Point Someone

Last year I  read the book 5 point someone-by Chetan bhagat and found it interesting one .
See it doesnt matter from where you passed Graduation.Matter would be how you really enjoyed while you were in graduation.the book is a mix of spices in it.It has a living scenario when read the book ,it seems like the sentences are going to happen now in front our eyes.So much level or reality and life in the story indeed

Its a story of 3 friends met in an IIT,author is one of them .They studies together ,enjoyed the life as well.In between  ,because of their mischief ,all of the 3 were punished for one semester.In they one semester,they did some research and finally got the degree in hand on time

Author had a girlfriend also .I dont tell you the name .for this you have to rad the book anyways .She is good girl ,daughter of one the professor of that IIT.and she met the author and they use to go on grooming here and there and lots of fun.In the end ,author has to leave her after convocation ceremony.

Talking about professors,One of them was very nice ,helped students specially on of the 3 IITians as one was indeed brilliant student.He alone did some research on scooter mileage using fuels and college labs .

For more story read the book

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