Thursday, February 16, 2012

SEO basics- Beginners Guide

Basics of SEO for Beginers
Hello all.
This subject may be strange for you at first but as you come to know about this more,you find it interesting.If you have a blog /website and you want to earn from it,you want traffic on your site ,you want your site to be visited by more public per day ,you are at the right place .
SEO makes it possible in case your site has no such valuable content even then also ."Search Engine Optimization" makes you your site reachable to general public across the world.Let other reads what you wrote on your blog and many other things .But proper SEO of a site or blog is the only solution to make this possible .For SEO,you have to do following tasks:-

Analysis of site  -This is the first available task we need to do in order to know about the current status of site,its presence in Search Engine etc.We nee to analyze whether site has been indexed before in google,yahoo bing etc. or not.Other than this we check for images on the site,keywords and their length, meta description,presence of iframes is not recommended ever,age of domain etc.This is the first analysis of site that provides us a simple knowledge about the site

On page Optimization -
On page optimization means modifying the web pages according to search engine recommendation,adding meta description  and meta keywords according to content of site,removing query string and making url optimized with keywords .

Off page Optimization - creating back links ,in simple language i should say.The more the back links are ,the faster it would ranks in search engine.Creating back links manually is what search engines recommended.Dont use software for any kind of submissions.Do the following activities for generating back links
1 Directories submission
2 Social Bookmarking
3 Forums posting 
4 Articles submission
5 Press releases
6 RSS submission 
7 Reciprocal Link exchange
9 Classifieds
10 Blogging
Remaining in next post ..

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